At Trefolyte Labelling & Signage Solutions we have specialised equipment to provide a wide variety of services and products to our customers. We provide opportunities to creatively grow and expand your brand.

Trefolyte have been operating for over 25 years under the management of Wolfgang VogelĀ .

Our Melbourne head office, as well as branches in each major city allow us to service all of Australia.

Our staff with vastly different trade backgrounds allow us to serve a diverse clientele, bringing innovation and a professional touch to each job.

Quality Policy

Trefolyte endeavours to provide products and services that consistently meet or surpass the expectations of our customers, as well as applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

The Company is committed to the concepts of enhanced customer satisfaction, conformity to Quality Management System as well as statutory & regulatory requirements, appropriately addressed risks and opportunities, adequate resourcing and management, and continuous improvement by embedding the Quality Management System into the culture of the Company, and ensuring that our processes are continually updated to meet all regulatory requirements and to provide a quality service to clients.

Quality Objectives

  1. Customer Focus and Satisfaction
  2. Qualified Suppliers
  3. Market Leading Products
  4. Satisfaction of applicable (statutory and other) requirements
  5. Delivery Excellence
  6. Continuous Improvement

The Company is responsible for the quality of service supplied to their customers and for ensuring that the commitment to quality is fully realised, conducting business affairs in such a way as to achieve the highest quality of operation and service.

This will be achieved through the maintenance of a documented Quality Management System that satisfies the requirements of the current version of ISO 9001 compliance, mandatory for all staff.

Quality will be achieved by conscious effort from all staff to continually improve the service level to the customer; staff shall be trained in their specific procedures to ensure that this effort is successfully directed to the achievement of Quality Customer Service.

All staff are authorised to initiate action, identify and record problems, recommend and implement solutions to ensure non-conformances are corrected. This will be achieved through Corrective and Preventative Actions.

The Company actively encourages the adoption of its Quality Management System and/or its Quality Principles by suppliers and, where necessary, require improvement in practices to align them with those of the Company.