Bamboo Products

We are pleased to offer a new range of products manufactured from laminated Bamboo.

In Asia, bamboo has several important metaphorical significance that relate to its physical form and represent different positive character traits that also exemplify our core business values:

  • First, the luxuriant green bamboo forest is an elegant symbol of a distinguished noble character.
  • Second, the hollow within the bamboo represents humility and an open mind.
  • Third, the nodes in the bamboo’s stem symbolise a firm and indomitable spirit that continues on its rise, from strength to strength.
  • Fourth, bamboo’s straight, undeviating growth represents integrity of character.

Bamboo is an excellent construction material. It is both exceptionally strong, with a tensile strength greater than steel, and highly durable as it is harder than most varieties of wood.

In its laminated form, it presents a pleasant natural wood grain appearance.